Security Gate or Rent?

When you lock up your house at night, do you remember to close the metal gate at the top of the stairs? And the one at the front door…and the back door? Do you sometimes worry that your husband (or wife) might be kidnapped by a terrorist group while on a routine business trip? Do you regularly rehearse the “what-to-do-in-case-of-a-terrorist-attack-when-we-go-shopping” speech with your teens? Do you feel fearful of your safety on election day? Can you easily tell the difference between semi-automatic and machine gun fire? Continue reading “Security Gate or Rent?”

Healing the Wounds of Combat Trauma Part 1

“Why should we pursue this? After all, so much is going on globally with Trauma Healing. Should I leave this to someone else? It feels all uphill some days and there are some naysayers…people who think it won’t ‘work’ with our vets…But yet, every time I lead a training I have mothers, fathers, brothers, spouses of combat veterans who say “I wish there was something like this for my ___(son, daughter, husband). They need help.”  What should we do?” I asked my very, very patient (military veteran) husband about six months ago.

And turned to see his head down in his hands, eyes closed, remembering when he first encountered the Healing the Wounds of Trauma material three years ago…

We stumbled upon the training in Kenya, thinking it would help us in pastoral care (it did). We thought we were learning it for others (we were, sort of). But we found out very quickly that it was for us, too. Continue reading “Healing the Wounds of Combat Trauma Part 1”


For several weeks, life for us had been busy – crazy busy. SIMGo training for new personnel, skype calls, debrief of cross cultural workers returning from their fields of service, presentations in Minnesota for a Missionary Pastoral Care Conference and then the Global Community of Practice meeting in Philadelphia for Trauma Healing. Finally, several days of training in the Children’s TH program -also in Philadelphia. And then preparing for a five-day  Equipping session in Charlotte and an upcoming trip to Liberia!!! On top of that, the normal family activities: driving people to practices, work, school, doctors and dentist appointments, friends over, church activities, and more. Our plates were spinning.

Then, one night about three weeks ago, we suddenly and dramatically gained a new perspective. I had just settled into a very deep sleep Continue reading “Perspective”

“Misionries” by Isaac

Isaac wrote the following essay for his elementary English Language Arts class to tell about what his parents do… just for the record, I did not know until AFTER he turned it in. So here it is -just like he wrote it- no mom spell or content checks!

“Misionaries are people who travel to different places to help do something and let people know about God. i was and i am a missionarie and i’ve lived in kenya and a lot of other cool Places. We go around the world and teach the bible but other missionaries do different stuff Continue reading ““Misionries” by Isaac”

Trauma Is A Mission Field: Part 2… The Hands and Feet of Christ

“God is angry and far away”

“God is unable or unwilling to help us.”

“It is the fault of the Christians because they refuse to worship our gods.”

“Shiva, the god of destruction, is unhappy and must be appeased.”

Nepal statue

Nepal earthquake

These are the comments we heard over and over again in Nepal Continue reading “Trauma Is A Mission Field: Part 2… The Hands and Feet of Christ”