Semper Gumby

Last Friday night, friends were set to host a dinner at their home for us. This would be an informal gathering of several couples from our church to give them an opportunity to hear more about SIM’s Sudan Team ministry.
At 4:30pm we got the call that there had been an explosion at a chemical plant near the couple’s home. It wasn’t safe for guests to travel to that area.
All the food was purchased and ready – and no one really wanted to cancel.
Thankfully, we had managed a BIG CLEAN in our house that morning in anticipation of home school starting on Monday- thanks to our kids. So we just offered to move the whole thing here.
Yes, we were frantically throwing things in closets and running the vacuum at the last minute, but it all fell into place. Thanks to our hosts Ron and Laurie Florence, it was like a well oiled machine! (Go Navy!)
We had a great time of food and fellowship. Then we were able to share with the group how God is moving our family forward to serve with SIM and how they can be a part of sending us. The response has been so encouraging! Thanks to all who came for this special night.

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