Hurricane Isaac 2012



These are just a few pictures from our week during and now after Hurricane Isaac. Still no electricity – 4 days after it went off. May be a while yet. We have begun cleanup in our neighborhood and also our church nearby. We have water and a bit more food in the freezer. Mark is waiting in line to get some ice from the National Guard – hoping to keep our food cold a

couple more days. Temperatures are 90 and the humidity makes us all feel like we are in a tropical rainforest! Trying to wash clothes and towels but they never really get dry. Glad to report that we are all keeping a pretty good attitude, though the girls dearly miss the Internet connection! During the Hurricane we were able to host a couple of Marines for dinner by candlelight. They were on duty over at MARFORRES but were able to come here to eat. Both are brothers in Christ and though the wind howled outside, we had a bible study and prayer inside. Praise God for Christian fellowship!

Please keep praying for all those picking up the pieces here in New Orleans.



2 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac 2012

  1. Neal Broome

    Hi Mark & family, Your Issack experiences remind me of our similar inconvenience during Hugo’s passing through Charlotte – I believe the time of 1989 is close and September may be the month we lived through what needed to be done. People caring for the needs of their friends and neighbors is sometimes more pressing than the charity help we extend through organizations which operate on a much larger scale. You’ll be pleased to see how well God hears and answers our prayers. His blessings, Neal Broome Always Faithful


  2. Gonzales Family

    Stacey, Mark and family,
    Will be praying for you and your neighbors. Didn’t realize you all were in the path of Isaac. If there is anything we can send you all please let us know. We miss you all and even though your circumstances are rough you all look beautiful. Be safe, God bless you all.


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