This is a picture of Mark as he tries to steam open twenty newsletters we were about to send out, but found we needed to make an important correction first. Mark was trying to rescue the stamped envelopes by gently steaming them open! He claims he saw this process in a MASH episode where Radar is trying to read Frank’s mail!
So, apologies to those twenty of you who will be receiving a somewhat abused looking envelope in the mail. We did make the necessary correction on the newsletter and included our family “connect” card. Enjoy:)

6 thoughts on “Steamed

  1. Gil and Lya Santhon

    Every time Ann Berkley sends news of you folks we pray for you.
    We are doing good here in Florida retired from IMB, but we still do allots of volunteers work in the Amazon and thru out Brazil, 6 months out of the year.. We might go to Mozambique next year to see what God is doing with John and Wanne Dina. Do you remember them?
    Well, a small note just to tell you that we do love you, hugs and lots of love on the girls and the boys. In His grace, Gil and Lya Santhon.
    P.S. If you do not remember who we are, Gil had a surgery on his broken neck while working in Mozamabique and Stacey was pregnant of Ben. Love you guys.


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