A “New Car” for Doro

A few months ago, our SIM teammates Dr. Rob and Nancy Congdon sent out a newsletter mentioning the great need in Doro for evangelism and discipleship. Rob reasoned that, for the same amount we would pay for a new car in the US, buildings could be constructed and plans put in place to house short term missionaries to work with the growing refugee population in Doro (South Sudan).  In his latest update, Rob writes how God is at work:

A ‘New Car’ for Doro

In an amazing response to the wide open door to share the Gospel with 110,000 refugees gathered around Doro, funding has come to bring an evangelistic team to Doro for six weeks.  The Ethiopian evangelical church was galvanized into action, and last week sent a final list of seven gifted men and women who – flown to Sudan by their local churches – will join us in Doro for six weeks.  Pray for them by name:  Sebsibe Wolaso, team leader; Selamu and his wife Tseganesh, Abera and his wife Bizunesh, Alembirhan, and Belay.  May the Lord encourage and prepare them for ‘such a time as this.’


We have this team’s travel plans to finalize, visas to arrange, food and supplies to fly to Doro on a cargo flight chartered for the 25th of October, a duplex prefab house to build, shower and latrine to construct, godly translators to locate, final meetings with the Uduk church leaders in the camp, literature to get printed and flown in, and follow-up for new Christians to consider.  You would be amazed at God‘s handiwork, weaving together our efforts with such seemingly-disparate events as an Ethiopian businessman in Asia wanting to mobilize his fellow-countrymen, the literature preparations already in place for the Franklin Graham evangelistic outreach in Juba later this month, and the prayer commitment of more than a hundred Christians in one church 10,000 miles from Doro.

Thank you for joining with them, and with us, in this moving of the Holy Spirit.  Nancy, Diana, and Sarah were sharing stories from the Bible with a group in the refugee camp a last month, as they do each week.  Only a handful of Believers exist within this people group.  Men from a nearby, unreached tribe gathered to listen with amazement and joy on their faces.  “Why aren’t you coming to tell us these things every day?!?”

May God satisfy their hunger, and bless the effort of the DEO (Doro Evangelism Outreach) Team and all who participate, to ignite a Godly fire in Mabaan County.  When the task seems daunting we encourage each other with the words of Zechariah to his fellow-workers: “For who has despised the day of small things?”  Please continue to pray with us, remembering that it is “…‘Not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.” (Zech. 4:6) 


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