Tickets Purchased…Countdown Begins


We can think of a lot of things to celebrate from the year 2012. But one BIG milestone was reached when we bought our tickets to Nairobi last week. We will leave March 27th, Lord willing (much depends on how elections go in Kenya on March 4th).  We are at 90% of our monthly support. If you have been thinking of joining us as financial partners, now would be the perfect time to add your support! You may be the one to put us over the 100% mark!

13 weeks and counting…

8 thoughts on “Tickets Purchased…Countdown Begins

  1. Yvette

    Great picture, you guys!! Definitely see your parents in all of you, in this picture!!! : ) God bless you all, you all look so happy and excited! Love you, Yvette



    Wow! That is so awesome and so SOON! I am thrilled to hear about your monthly support getting so close to 100% You all look so excited and ready to go!


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