After a really busy and stressful two weeks, Mark and I have enacted some “Member Care” on ourselves and taken a little trip to Charlotte, NC to visit SIM headquarters. Yep -we left the kiddos with the all-too-willing grandparents. First priority was just to spend some time ALONE! Second objective was dropping off 16 pieces of luggage here at SIM before our departure from Charlotte on the 20th. Yes -you read that correctly -16. And we think about a third of it must be homeschooling books! Five kids + three years = lots and lots of books! And we even mailed a box that wouldn’t fit. Thus Mark and missionary Bill Henry taping that package. Thank you, Bill!
Our day was really blessed by walking the beautiful SIM USA campus and then visiting with some of the folks on home staff, including a really terrific Member Care team who encouraged and prayed for us.
About midway through the day, we got a phone call from Stacey’s Mom and Dad saying that on their way to Camp Lejeune with the kids (where we will meet them tomorrow), our van was rear-ended by a truck!
Everyone if fine and no damage to the van -praise God! But it was a good reminder that we need to ask you to PRAY for us right now. As prayer partners, you are holding us up. Please keep it up! We are on the home stretch now with less than two weeks to go before our departure for Nairobi.
Please pray for our safety as we travel and for comfort (as only The Lord can give) as we say goodbyes to Stacey’s parents this Sunday -and to our dog Digger who will be staying with them. Then more goodbyes the next weekend.
We will be in Jacksonville NC through March 16th. Our sending church, Centerview Baptist, will be having a Commissioning Service for us at 11 a.m this coming Sunday and all are welcome.

More than anything else, please pray that we will stay close to our Shepherd. He will hold our hands and lead us in His perfect will as we follow Him.
Remember that old song we learned as children?
“Trust and Obey
For there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus
But to Trust and Obey”

11 thoughts on “Ready…Set…

  1. Glenna Francis

    Oh, how I thank you. Oh, how I thank God for you! You make my heart happy! As I have prayed for you daily, I guess I was “rushing you out the door”, but never intentionally! So I’m glad you are still in NC and being lavished with lots of love from all those really important people. No people on earth understand saying “goodbyes” like missionaries, I think. Thanks so very much for the pictures. I bless you and will continue to pray for you [more than you know] and count that as one of my richest privileges. If it just wasn’t quite so far to NC from TX…..but, well no, I guess I can’t do that. I love you so! In His mighty hands, glenna francis

    Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 00:29:22 +0000 To:


  2. Carole

    Dear Mark and Stacey,
    We are praying for you as you prepare for your final launching out! You have gotten there! God bless you and your dear children as you keep looking to forward to His call. Our Good Shepherd knows you so well and will equip you and provide for you every step of the way. We so appreciate you! May God guard you hearts and minds with His peace. love, Mark and Carole


  3. Drew Turner

    So sorry to hear about the wreck. Glad you all are ok.

    I got Remicade later than normal today so that means I am wide awake at 3 am because of the steroids:(

    How is your support?

    Praying for that now and also for Ben and digger!

    in Him, Drew

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Scott and Nancy Cauble

    Mark and Stacy, We can’t believe the date has arrived to begin the next chapter in your lives. Please know that Nancy and I will continue to pray for you. In Christ, Scott Cauble


  5. Rebekah Reasor

    So excited for you all & praying!!! What a great picture of you all just grabbing Jesus’ hand & letting Him guide you.
    So many adventure ahead!

    I’d love to send a one time contibution to you all. How’s the best way to make that happen?



  6. Alan

    Jesus bless you and Stacey and family in your work in Him – thanks for all your prayers for us. Praying for you as well and am glad and praise Jesus we got back in touch with each other. May you all be filled with His Power in His Spirit to be His Witnesses of the Gospel. May you reach people for Him and they be saved. May you be protected from the attacks of the enemy and overcome and conquer all the spiritual obstacles with the overwhelming Power of Him who loves us, and loves them to whom you preach His Salvation. Alan and Terry


  7. diane glass

    stacy,mark,and family
    will be praying for your safe journey there and that God will use you to toch many lives.
    will be praying for your children as well as this will be a new experience for them.
    may God bless you for all you do.
    yours in Christ
    diane glass


  8. Melissa Gonzales

    Mark, Stacey and kiddos,
    Wow, the time is almost here…..I am envious of the great things you will be doing for the LORD. We will definitely be praying for you all and please be sure to stay in touch. I love you guys!


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