Flying Out Today!


Just a quick update: we got all our bags checked thru to Nairobi. Please pray that all 18 of them show up when we do! Homeschool books for 3 years are scattered throughout those bags! Leaving Charlotte for Chicago at 1:40pm then leaving Chicago at about 6:50pm. Arriving in London at 6:30 tomorrow morning then on to Nairobi -arriving there at 10pm on the 21st. We appreciate your prayers so much and also the encouraging comments and emails from many friends. Will keep you posted  – special prayer for stamina the next few days and good adjustment once we arrive. We do already have some good housing and vehicle possibilities waiting for us so keep that in your prayers as well!

12 thoughts on “Flying Out Today!

  1. Tim Sheehy

    Just prayed for your safe travels and stamina and adjustment. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord’s calling!! I look forward to working with you in the future. Blessings, Tim


  2. Mark and Carole Watson

    Hope you had a great trip and are settling in well. It is amazing that your dream has become a reality. We will be praying for strength and encouragement as you begin there. Thank you for your commitment to go help the missionaries ministering there! We respect and value you.
    love, Mark and Carole


  3. Kay Fox

    Hope you had a good flight to Nairobi. Thanks for your work as missonaries. Our prayer is always with you. We are so excited for your new journey in Nairobi. You guys will have Easter Sunday in Nairobi! Wow, how cool is that!! It’s getting humid here in New Orleans. Phebe and DeAnna said hi to the boys.


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