We Made It!

You may not believe this, but Mark and I both agree that THIS was the smoothest overseas trip we’ve ever made! Five kiddos and 18 pieces of luggage and 9 carry-ons arrived ON TIME in Kenya last Thursday night at 10pm. When we left the airport in Charlotte, NC, not one bag was ever weighed. Every flight was on time. Arriving in the Nairobi airport, officials took one look at our large family and ushered us over to the “fast track” lane. We were through the line and had visas stamped in 15 minutes! (I know it sounds unbelievable.) We went downstairs to the baggage claim and quickly located ALL 18 pieces of our luggage. The customs official looked in one trunk then waved us on through. Our teammate, Debora Agnes was waiting with a big minibus and escorted us to our nice, clean, spacious guest flat.  Our whole trip was a testimony to your prayers. Please keep it up.

This week, we continue to get settled in. Our main goal is to help the kids get comfortable with their new surroundings. We also need to find permanent housing and purchase a vehicle.  Please pray for us about these things. Right now, our internet is not too great so communication may be a bit sporadic if you are trying to connect via email, facebook, or skype. On Monday, March 25th, we will be able to meet with all of our teammates who are in Nairobi for Prayer Day. We’re really looking forward to this.

20 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Jennifer Laughrun

    OOOh so many prayers answered and so many more coming! Praying for the perfect home for you guys and an amazing vehicle!! God really is a giver of good gifts!! We love you so much!!

    Mike and Jen


  2. Kelley

    Our church family is praying for you. I am specifically praying for the wonderful adjustment of the kids. That God would show them in special ways His hand and continued confirmation of His plan. We love you guys. Kelley and Randy Hafner


  3. Stefani Nelson

    God’s hand was and is with this faithful family! So happy that you arrived safely. Prayers will continue as always!
    Much love,
    The Nelsons.


  4. Gail and Hiram Gardner

    So glad things are going good for you. Sister Pat has been keeping me updated. Take care and we will
    continue to pray for you and family. Aunt Gail and Hiram


  5. Cindy Strange

    God is Good all the time; All the time God is Good! I know He has the perfect place already picked out for you all. Blessings,


  6. Ed & Edna Knowles

    Wow what a journey. You have quite a legacy to leave behind. From SB missionary in Africa to Navy Chaplain to adopting this precious child and now back to Africa serving our Lord. What a blessing it has been to us to follow your journey and to pray. You have been a blessing to us. Ed & Edna Knowles, Alabama


  7. Jaime De Leon

    That is awesome how the Lord made everything go so smooth. It is also a sign of being in the Lord’s will. God bless you Mark and Stacey and family.


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