Because Shelby Asked..




My niece Shelby asked for an update, so here goes- I needed a nudge!
It’s been a busy week as we started back (gently) into homeschooling, continued our search for a home, got to know teammates and other local SIM workers and explored the Kilimani area.
Mark calls it “Lusaka on steroids” because it reminds us of Zambia but times ten! The traffic is intense – but taxis and buses are easy to get and not too expensive. Most places we can walk to – like the Uchumi mart for groceries or the local open market for fresh veggies (and Swahili lessons!).
The kids are now over jet lag and the initial shock of not having wifi at the guest flat where we are staying!
They are doing really well – but please keep praying for them. The little boys have already made some friends, but please pray for special friends for Benjamin and the girls as well. Pray as we continue to look for housing. We need something in our budget thats spacious enough for a big family of seven.
We know that The Lord has the right place for us, we just need to be prayerful and patient.

13 thoughts on “Because Shelby Asked..

  1. Glenna Francis

    You make my heart so happy!!!!! Our Father is good and faithful, and I rejoice in watching for His mighty hand at work on your behalf!
    glenna francis


  2. Aunt Frieda

    Stacey, I’m so glad Shelby gave you a nudge…..I think all of us have been wondering how everything is going and everyone is adjusting. I know this is a busy time for you all but that God will show you the way. Josiah looks well and happy. Tell Katie and Ben that Digger is getting lots of love and attention, and I can’t wait til the end of April for “my turn.” lol
    Aunt Frieda


  3. diane glass

    glad things are going well for you and the children. will continue praying for housing for you and friends for the other children


  4. Brenda Tomlinson

    sounds like your getting it all together. I’m so glad things are going smoothly for you. Wanted to also let you know that Ginger’s husband (Bob) passed away on Sat. She sent a txt this morning and said they were going to have burial tomorrow in Florida (2 blocks from beach) she said Bob would be so proud. They will be having visitation Friday night and funeral Sat morning in Nashville. She sounds as she’s doing well. Will all come later I’m sure. Will keep you posted. Also your van was picked up from SIM over the weekend. Stay safe we love you guys.
    jim & brenda



    So glad to hear from you guys and to see you are doing well. The kids say “hi”. We will be praying for the requests and look forward to hearing how God answers.


  6. Joanna Greaud

    Thank you so much for all the updates and this one too!!!! That’s for the nudge Shelby!! 🙂 We have been praying everyday and are so excited that your needs are being met in gracious ways. Hugs to all of you. Love the pictures!
    Greauds 🙂


  7. Lusaka on steroids — not a bad way to describe it. Or, maybe, Lusaka gone nuts, especially when traffic goes crazy — which is most of the day except 10PM – 5:30AM.


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