Home Sweet Home

We have been in Kenya four weeks now and moved into our house just three days ago. Lots of laundry piling up so it feels like home already! It’s just a bit harder to get things dry now that its rainy season. But we’re so thankful to be moved in and have a stove working as our teammates begin to trickle in from South Sudan. One family has been very ill and came in a few days early, so please pray for them. Pray that we can bless them all with a little southern hospitality in the coming days before our big Spiritual Life Conference May 6-10. Everything here takes much longer to accomplish – including cooking!

The children are all doing very well – making friends here where we live and happy to have a “home” again. Mark and I are slowly getting to know the workings of our team and the individuals and families it consists of. Tomorrow, Mark will meet two of our newest teammates at the airport- Getachew and Tibarek. They are from Ethiopia and are coming as missionaries from the Ethiopian church to work in South Sudan for a year.
After the conference in May, Mark will be making a trip into SSudan in June to visit everyone at their bases.
Thank you for the faithful prayers – please keep it up, especially during these very busy next two weeks.

12 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi Everyone. Elisabeth sends a special Hello to Josiah. We are glad to see you are settling in. I’m sure that the slower pace is hard to get used to but i’m envious of it and would like to simplify our lifestyle to a slower tempo. Wonder if that is possible here in New Orleans. Love you guys and praying for you daily. Please let all the kids know we love them. Debbie and Mark and kids


  2. pat brand

    So thankful that you all are settled and especially that the kids are doing so well. You all are amazing people !!!!! Love u all and prayers are going up !!!! Aunt Pat


  3. Joanna Greaud

    So excited for you all to be in a home! WOO HOO! Will be praying for the family who is sick and for you all to make them feel dcomfortable and welcomed. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Praying for your crazy, busy week too. Love to you all!


  4. diane glass

    so glad everyone is getting settled. i think they’ll enjoy your southern hospitality. glad you found a house. our prayers are still with you all.


  5. ashley euper

    Hi Conards!
    How exciting! Praying for you, Grace and Katie, that you would meet some sweet and dear friends in this special season of your life šŸ™‚
    Love you!
    Ashley Euper and Family
    PS Hayden thinks your kitchen is awesome!


  6. Melissa Gonzales

    Praying for all of you…I am in a class right now that deals with missions so your passion has become so real to me, thank you. Love you all…


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