Prayer for Rose – Urgent

We urgently need you to be praying for one of our little MKs. Her name is Rose and she is five. Rose and her family -mom, dad, and three siblings flew into Nairobi early from South Sudan two week ago because of sickness. Although she and her sister were originally hospitalized together, the sister is now better but Rose is still not well. As a matter of fact, she was readmitted to the children’s Hospital here in Nairobi a few days ago. She seems to be battling both a bacterial infection of some sort and malaria. Please be in prayer for Rose and her family. Please also pray for those who are making decisions about what course to follow next, especially the incredible doctors on our team. May God be glorified as this story unfolds and may Rose grow up to know and follow Him.

12 thoughts on “Prayer for Rose – Urgent

  1. Marilyn Seites

    Do you need the Tennessee Team to bring anything with us from the States for Rose? We are packing tonight, but don’t leave until Friday, so we might be able to help. Beverly and Christiane have my contact info. Praying for Rose, Marilyn Seites



    Hi Mark, we are having praying meeting in two hours. We will certainly be praying for Rose and her family this evening! Love & Prayers for you and yours as well:)
    Pastor Mike


  3. Charlotte Bowen

    I am so excited that my favorite missionary family is back on African soil and serving those in need of comfort and loving care there. God bless you friends. You are in our prayers. I am proud to be your friend. Charlotte Bowen


  4. Vera-Ellen M. Trice

    I will be praying for Rose’s recovery and hoping that you and your family continue to bless others during your wonderful mission in Africa.


  5. dianeglass

    I will put these prayer requests on our prayer list at church. I will be in prayer for them and your family as well.


    1. Rose is much better. A new infectious disease doctor came in and decided to try another, newer antibiotic (he had just returned from training in the US). It seems to be working. Last word I heard they are calling it a resistant strain of Typhoid along with malaria.


  6. Hi everyone, Glad to get the update on Rose. I saw the email briefly last week and have to admit it did not register on my prayer-o-meter for some reason so i am glad i checked in and will start praying now!


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