These are just a few of the fun family things going on lately…

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe celebrated Mark’s 45th birthday on May 25th. Stacey’s is June 5th – she is 29. heehee

Mark-furnitureMark works on measurements for our furniture – which keeps coming one piece at a time.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAJosiah and Isaac making a new friend. They like Cord -and they like his car too!

Stacey -camp prepStacey writing name-tags for 20 sets of kids’ clothes in preparation for Camp Blue Sky.

KatieKatie can’t wait for Camp!!

Skittles lettersMail Call! Letters for camp written by Mom and Dad, with a few Skittles tucked in.

Today we dropped Katie, Benjamin, Isaac and Josiah off at “Summer” camp for a week. Thanks to a generous scholarship, all four of them are able to attend Camp Blue Sky for a week. CBS is a great ministry aimed at MK and expat kids here in East Africa. They get to spend six days at a fun, christian camp meeting other kids just like them.  Though we had to swallow the lump in our throats when we left, we are thankful that they are able to be ministered to in this way. Grace is happy too -for other reasons. She just wants some peace and quiet in the house, and Mom and Dad all to herself!

On another note, our work permits are close to approval so please keep that in your prayers. Most  of our team members are also back in South Sudan now. The Cross family and the Rangteigongs head back in next week.  Rose Cross is doing very well and so is Hiakie. Mark is still planning a trip to Doro June 20-July11.

Mark has also been able to make several visits into Kibera (here in Nairobi) and is meeting with some laypastors and ministers there. He has also been invited by a store manager to do some Bible teaching to employees at the local Nakumatt, a surprising opportunity.Stacey continues to meet with “K” from China. Please pray for us that we will faithfully speak and live out the Gospel and encourage those around us – both here in Nairobi and in South Sudan.

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  1. Steve Wright

    Thanks for the handwritten letter. We just received it a few days ago. It is a rare thing to receive now a days. Happy Birthday(s) everyone! Just said a prayer for you all. Glad to hear you are doing well and finding the joy in everything. As always, you are an inspiration. Take care and know that we are praying for you. FYI, Lily was baptized two weeks ago! Love, the Wrights


  2. Yvette

    You all are so awesome! Hope they all love Camp, its probably great for them to “get away!” Love you all and I think of you and Stephanie every June 5 on your day! Happy Birthday early and a few years late : ) Oh, and I turned 29 in March!! : ) God bless you all and praise the Lord that little Rose is alright!


  3. Morey and Irwin

    Thanks for the update and the photos, everyone looks happy with their beautiful smiles. Happy birthday to you, Mark and Stacey. We love y’all.


  4. Melissa Gonzales

    Happy Birthday Stacey and Mark! I am happy to hear that you all are getting settled in. Looks like the kids are adapting well. I wish my family could be out there with you all because I know in my heart what you are doing matters and its important. God is doing great things here in my family as well, Albert Sr. got baptized on Sunday, ya-hoo, ya-hoo, praise God, only God can do something like that. Thanks for all your prayers along the way. Keep on with your updates, I love reading them. Love you Conard Family…
    Seeking Him,
    Melissa Gonzales


  5. pat brand

    Stacey, you guys are just so much fun to hear from these days. You handle the challenges you face with such ease. I know God is there with you ordering each step of your journey to fulfill His Will. My prayers are with you and just know that I love you dearly.


  6. Joanna Greaud

    Was so excited to get the hand written note. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. We are praying daily for you all and so appreciate the fun and very informative emails. Always great to know exactly how to pray. Love to you all!
    John and Joanna Greaud 🙂


  7. Geraldine Saurer Drish

    Happy Belated Birthday Mark & Stacey!! We hope you both had a good time there! We are very proud of and touched by what you guys are doing for the people in Nairobi and South Sudan. Keep us updated. Nice to see you all in the pictures. They are beautiful!! Thank you!!! We love having your news. God bless and keep you all safe! We are keeping you in our prayers everyday. Love, Gera, Ed and Lulu


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