Dispatches: Day 9

We had a very productive day today. 12 Church leaders from 4 different regions came in, and we  had a four hour meeting.  I will be teaching on Tuesday and Friday of next week on Church Leadership, so please pray.  They also discussed the many tribes in the area that are unreached.  It was very exciting to hear these men talk about the work that needs to be done .  They were eager to get the Bible teaching that I offered.  Getachew and Tibarek were also very excited about the possibilities.  We then moved to a small African restaurant and ate together. It was a pretty amazing experience.  We all at some sort of soupy substance and bread from the same plate. It was such sweet fellowship in a small hut with a dirt floor and good food.  It had to be over a hundred degrees in there.  I was sweating profusely and my clothes were wet from sweat.  Then after we were done eating, they said it was time for tea.  So we drank hot tea in the hundred degree heat and I loved it.  (I hope whatever it was that I ate was not the meal that keeps on giving, though – so far I have been healthy in that respect).  I believe there will be plans for a leadership training conference in the future.  The Lord Jesus be praised.

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