Mark and missionary Bob Ihrig in Doro
Mark and missionary Bob Ihrig in Doro

This is SIM missionary Bob Ihrig. He and his wife Karen live and work in Doro. Lately, there have been break-ins to the missionary compound almost every other night. Bikes and even expensive solar panels have been taken. So far, they have not been able to stop the thieves. Bob asks: Please pray for the team as again their burden is increase with security issues along with the normal every day load.
Praise the Lord for His protection , up to now no one has been physically
hurt or even threatened by the thieves.

 Mark lending a hand with a building project.

One thought on “Doro

  1. I must have missed emails for a few days so I had a wonderful time reading this morning and catching up on the “Adventures of Mark Conard” 🙂 Praying for you daily, for health, protection, wisdom, strength and most of all that God will continue to pour out of you all to that country that so desperately needs Him.


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