Dispatches: Day 12

Sweat is a big part of everyday life here.  You go to bed covered in sweat, sleep in a pool of sweat, and then wake up the next morning drenched in sweat.  The missionaries here become very aware of sweat as soon as they step off the small plane when they get here.  When I walk around conducting my Chaplain visits and talking to the mothers caring for their children, I can always count on their hair being wet with sweat and their face showing exhaustion from the constant drain of the heat as they care for their children.  It is no different for the husbands.  They, like their wives, work day and night simply to survive out here.   But it is amazing when a missionary is strong in their relationship with God and doing God’s work how joyful they are in doing it.  Even though they are surrounded by misery, heartache, and difficulty they can keep their joy.  What a privilege it is to serve these good saints of the most High God.

        Today I taught area pastors on the topic of Spiritual Leadership using the book of Nehemiah.  What a great class and how attentive they were!  They hung on my every word and for three hours they listened intently.  I was noticing one of the pastors writing his notes in Arabic.  It was amazing how easily he wrote those Arabic characters and how fast.  I wonder if they think the same thing when they see us writing in English?  Stacey, what an eternal work we are involved in.  Coming here causes me to see it even more.

        On another note: there are crashed planes all over the land scape here.  When you fly to Doro you will see it at every stop on the way.  The runway here is basically gravel in a field.  One missionary was telling me how many times they will fly in on the big planes and then run out of runway.  He said on the last plane one of the wheels didn’t work and the plane landed and just skidded off the runway.    I was also informed that one airline went out of business because they crashed too many planes.  He must have noticed the concerned look on my face (I hate flying) when he said, “Don’t worry Mark, nobody has died yet.”  That made me feel so much better.

One thought on “Dispatches: Day 12

  1. alan patterson

    you made it through all the military flights because of the Lord Jesus, may He guard you on the ground and in the skies whereever you are.


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