Back to School…

TraumaTrainingClassPicLast week, Mark and I attended a week long Trauma Healing Seminar based on the book Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help.  It is completely based in Scripture and specifically written for an African context and even more specifically for those who have encountered crisis as refugees and through ethnic conflict. From 8am-4pm daily, we met for class with our peers. During the week, we got to know some wonderful people who are working in various ministries and NGOs both here in Kenya and in S Sudan. Above is a picture of our “graduating” class. Mark is hoping to share this material with the Pastors in S Sudan later this Fall. A few of our SIM missionaries are already using this book, but we hope to familiarize the rest of the team with these materials as well.

On the home front:  In two weeks, Grace and Benjamin will begin school at Rosslyn Academy here in Nairobi. Katie, Josiah, and Isaac will continue to homeschool. Please pray for Grace and Ben as they are a bit nervous about this all-new school experience. Grace

In September, Stacey will be making her first trip to visit our team in S Sudan. More on that later, but please pray that all the logistics will work out according to God’s will.

We are so thankful for those who stand with us financially and in prayer. God bless you!

One thought on “Back to School…

  1. We are glad to hear things are getting more settled and will pray for you all as school starts. I know how that can be a little adjustment for everyone;) I just finished up working at the boys camp for 2 weeks and then am heading for a little vacation with my parents at the beach. Been away from Mark for 3 weeks – that is hard. I know you guys are glad to be back together again and I will keep praying for your requests. Love you guys!


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