Mark is Mr. Mom (and Dad)

I (Stacey) expect that in two weeks, I will be one of the most appreciated women in Africa!
Tomorrow morning bright and early I head out for my first trip into S Sudan. Mark will be keeping the home fires burning for eleven days. I think his head is already hurting from all the homeschool lesson plans, dinner menus, and school schedules we went over today. He keeps mumbling “How did you do this for seven years and three deployments?” I already feel the love:)
Grace and Katie just keep begging “Please Dad, don’t make cornbread!”.
But I am pretty excited. My traveling companion on this trip is our team’s seasoned Logistics Coordinator (and my good friend) Debbie Sardo. So even though I am a greenhorn in S Sudan, she knows her way around!
Our MAF neighbor is actually the pilot for our first flight. We will fly into Juba and spend one night (the 9th). Then on to Malakal for a night (the 10th). One of our SIM bases is in Malakal, so we will be able to visit with our missionary couple there. On the 11th, we will take a boat up the Nile River to Melut. This is the home of Gideon Theological College and three of our SIM missionary families. My bag is loaded with goodies for them and some fun things for the 8 MKs (missionarykids). After several days in Melut, we will boat back down the Nile to Malakal on the 17th, spend the night then head to Juba for a night (18th) and then back to Nairobi on the 19th. Whew! I am already tired.
Please keep us all in your prayers.
I will do my best to post a couple of updates.

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