SIM Evacuates Amidst Escalating Crisis

The following prayer update is directly from Please feel free to share this with your churches, friends and family for prayer. Thank you!
Fighting which began December 15th in the South Sudan capital of Juba has spread across many states in the eastern section of the nation. At least 1000 have died and tens of thousands have become refugees.
SIM leaders have fully evacuated our 27 adult missionaries (and one child) from their locations in Malakal and Doro to neighboring Nairobi, Kenya. Providentially, our entire team in Melut comprised of 11 adults and 10 children, had already left the ministry site for Christmas and other family reasons.
Please pray:
·         for protection of SIM personnel
·         for protection over our many ministries and our partner church, the Sudan Interior Church
·         for the peace talks to bring about immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to reach the tens of thousands of refugees who have fled for their lives
·         for the Church in South Sudan to stand firm in faith and to discern God’s will for them
·         for the door to open up for our people to return to South Sudan soon
Thank you for standing with us in prayer.
 News Links:
Washington Post: 
9 Things to know about South Sudan
BBC News: Ceasefire talks open in Ethiopia

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