“Misionries” by Isaac

Isaac wrote the following essay for his elementary English Language Arts class to tell about what his parents do… just for the record, I did not know until AFTER he turned it in. So here it is -just like he wrote it- no mom spell or content checks!

“Misionaries are people who travel to different places to help do something and let people know about God. i was and i am a missionarie and i’ve lived in kenya and a lot of other cool Places. We go around the world and teach the bible but other missionaries do different stuff like help if someone is sick or help someone get over trauma of something in there life. trama is something terrifying or really bad or  anything like that. my mom has a trama camp at that camp mom and dad help people get over trama.

missionaries need money so people support them. if someone is supporting you then they can give money to help for trips to diffrent places we call them Supporters but they are our friends. They help out a lot because without money we cant visit or move to far away places and people here about Jesus.

Missinories work with different missions. missions are like a big community that helps missionaries and other people.  The mission has offices too and people like my mom and dad can work there helping people and filling out paperwork and stuff like that. The community we work with is called SIM and it is pretty big community. other communitys aren’t as big as SIM. Sometimes SIM needs someone to go to a place to preach or help its people and my dad goes. Some missionaries go for two or three weeks to place and other move there for a long time.

Missionries usually need to get used to eating and living in different areas. They get better at this after they are there for a while. Diffrnet missionaries get used to different things because of diffrnt atmospheres. For example if one missionarie is in a freezing cold plce then they get used to freezing cold weather if a missionrie lives in a hot place thent hey get used to hot weather.

That’s all you need to know about missionaries.”  Isaac (age 11)


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