Healing the Wounds of Combat Trauma Part 1

“Why should we pursue this? After all, so much is going on globally with Trauma Healing. Should I leave this to someone else? It feels all uphill some days and there are some naysayers…people who think it won’t ‘work’ with our vets…But yet, every time I lead a training I have mothers, fathers, brothers, spouses of combat veterans who say “I wish there was something like this for my ___(son, daughter, husband). They need help.”  What should we do?” I asked my very, very patient (military veteran) husband about six months ago.

And turned to see his head down in his hands, eyes closed, remembering when he first encountered the Healing the Wounds of Trauma material three years ago…

We stumbled upon the training in Kenya, thinking it would help us in pastoral care (it did). We thought we were learning it for others (we were, sort of). But we found out very quickly that it was for us, too. Continue reading “Healing the Wounds of Combat Trauma Part 1”