How You Can Pray…

Pray for Mark as he travels to help with issues requiring crisis debriefings, mediation, conflict resolution, and Chaplain training. Pray for our workers serving in insecure areas and for our safety as we travel globally to minister to them.

Pray for Stacey as she coordinates SIM’s Trauma Healing ministry worldwide. Some of this involves travel to help equip local people in caring for those who are traumatized in their communities. Pray that many hurting people will turn to Christ as their Pain-Bearer and Savior through this Scripture-based trauma care program.

Pray especially for the completion of the military contextualization called: Healing the Wounds of Combat Trauma and for those who will be touched by it here in the US, in Ukraine, South Sudan, and other countries where it is requested.

Pray for our children  – our five teens: Grace, Katie, Benjamin, Josiah, and Isaac! Pray that they will grow spiritually  strong and close to the Lord. Pray that they will be sensitive to His leading in their lives.

Pray for us as parents, that we will show our children the love and grace of God in the midst of difficulties.







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